About Us

Babubhai’s Sweets established in 1934 has now become an integral part of every occasion or celebration. From offering our sweets for some small happy moments to becoming a go-to destination for celebrating every occasion, we believe that we have mixed sweetness in our relationship with our customers and in their life as well.

In this long journey, one thing that kept us motivated to put our best foot forward was our customers. Their immense support and trust made us known not only in Surat or across India but as of today we deliver our traditional and authentic delicacies to foreign countries like- London, USA, Australia, and Canada.

One of the sweets that made us eminent in the market was Dudhi Halwa, when we became synonymous with it. At present, our specialty Malai Pista Ghari is doing wonders for our customers and for us as well.

What made us stand out among others was our aim to always serve our customers with pure handmade products, as we know how important and precious personal touch is. Also, it gives us immense pleasure to see the rising fame of traditional sweets at the global level.


Who Are We?

Serving the sweet industry and continuing the family lineage of 84+ years, we have always kept customer satisfaction as our utmost priority.

We have always maintained the essence of personal touch in our sweets by preparing them by hands (healthy and hygienic manner) and not by machines. This makes us part of our customers' daily household because 'ghar ke khane ka swaad, processed food mai nahi aata.'

Also, understanding our liability towards society and in an attempt to uplift it, currently, we have 90+ employees working for us and we are aiming to expand our family in the coming future.

Being born and brought up in Surat, this city is more than a home to me. Having a medium to promote its love for ghari at a global level gives me immense pleasure and keeps me motivated to do my best. Through Babubhai's Sweets, we are visioned to take traditional Indian sweets to other parts of the globe as well.

The most important part of Babubhai's Sweets family is our tagline 'સંબંધોની મીઠાશ'. Because I believe that I and my ancestors have added our sweets' sweetness in our relationship with our customer and now we are bonded together.

Our Branches

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